"Hypnotic erotic romance with a paranormal kick!! Tori is a vampire assassin who has a body made for sin...killing vamps is her life and being a stunt double is her career...and when she gets an assignment from the Master, she can't ignore it or question the timing of it...but dear heavens above, does she kicks vamps butts and takes names!!

This addictive and exciting, no holds barred paranormal erotic romance is comparable to the likes of Laurell K Hamilton, Kelley Armstrong and JR Ward!! Tori and Ryder are alluring and seductive to read, and make you want to read like they are your drug of choice...
I completely recommend this series to all PNR lovers!! It will suck you in, soak your panties, thrill your clothes off, drain your blood, and make you beg for more!! The high is euphoric and addicting, a series better than drugs...can't wait to slip into book two!!"

                               ~Jennifer Cothran, book blogger for Moments in West Florida


 BSM Stoneking

"This was an awesome read! I got so involved I couldn't put it down! The fantasy and reality mixture was believable and sucked me in, but the hot sex kept me glued to the pages!"

                       ~Jessika Klide, Author of Untouchable (Siri's Saga)

I Love Getting Reviews!

Reviews let me know how much everyone loved, liked, or hated my book(s). Although, I would of course prefer 4 and 5 star reviews, I understand that not everyone is going to like my book(s). Constructive criticism lets me know what I need to work on and/or what part of the book turned you from liking the book to hating it, but please do not be malicious in your review. I am after all a human, I do have feelings.  Also, please keep in mind all of my books contain descriptive adult material. If sexual content of any kind offends you, my books are not recommended for you.

"Reading this is like having great sex. It starts off slow and ends with multiple orgasms. This author can really write some hot, fantastic sex. She puts you in the moment with her characters and makes it seem like you are in the room watching and sometimes participating. Seriously masturbation worthy material!"

                ~Naughty Book Snitch, Mindy

"OMG! If you love supernatural erotica, this author is the last stop for you! This book was SO GOOD. It was long too....not one of those short ones you finish in a day."

        ~ C.J. Pinard, Author of the Duty & Desire series

A few of my favorite reviews for  The Vampires Ange De La Mort